When it’s time to buy a barbecue smoker, it can be a little overwhelming with all your choices. There are some things that will help you make your choice about the smoker that will work best for you. If this is your first experience with a smoker, you should do a little research before you run out the store and buy one.

There are a variety of sizes and shapes of barbecue smokers on the market. Consider how much you plan to use your barbecue pit smoker before you choose one. Large smokers can cook enough food for big groups and parties. If you only plan to cook for your family and a few friends, a mid size model should be sufficient for your needs.

Once you have the size of the smoker determined, you must make a decision on the type of energy used to heat it. You will have your choice of gas, charcoal, wood, electricity and a combination model that uses both charcoal and wood. Your decision may be based on convenience or flavor. Many people find that the flavor of real wood when barbecuing enhances the flavor of the food. The type of wood that you choose also impacts the flavor of your foods. Wood gives you a great deal of variety in your food flavors as well.

Gas barbecue pit smokers are more convenient than the other methods. With a gas barbecue pit, you have instant fire without any preparation. You can also add wood chips to a gas grill to get the wood flavor in your barbecue meals. There is a difference between a barbecue grill and a smoker. A gas grill, however, can be used to smoke meat.

You can also choose a barbecue pit smoker that has accessories and shelves inside the unit for more convenience when cooking. This allows you to cook a variety of foods at the same time in separate areas of the grill. Pick up a few accessories to make your smoking experience more convenient such as barbecue forks and tongs.

You can start off with a smaller less expensive model when you first start smoking your foods. Experiment a little with recipes and different techniques for smoking meat and other foods such as cheese. Cheese is wonderful from a smoker. Once you have mastered the art of smoking meat, you can move up to a more expensive smoker. Check out some new recipes and try different types of fuels to create your smoke for flavorful foods.

A barbecue pit smoker will give you plenty of fun and yummy foods for your family and friends. Once you get a taste of that scrumptious smoked barbecue flavor, you will want to prepare all your meats in the smoker. Experiment with rubs and marinades to enhance the flavors of your foods as well.

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