Barbecuing outdoors is an enjoyable way to spend the summer. There are several different types of outdoor barbecues to choose from. Each grill should be given consideration before deciding which one will fulfill your barbecue needs.

Gas Grills

Gas grills are one of the most common outdoor barbecues available. These are perfect for people who don’t want to deal with the extra preparation time that charcoal brings. Any cook who is fast paced and wants their grill to serve up food without a lot of extra work involved should consider buying a gas grill. Gas grills come with aluminum or stainless steel bodies and are pretty hardy.

Gas grills also are very customizable. You can set the exact temperature you want to cook your meat. You can also decide on whether you want to cook with propane or natural gas. Gas grills are easy to use and tend to cook meat evenly. They also don’t have to sit in one area near a supply since they can run on gas tanks. It’s more convenient to be able to move your grill where ever you want in your yard.

Although gas grills have several perks, they aren’t without downsides. Since gas grills run on propane or natural gas, it can be a hassle to constantly buy tanks or set up a gas line. Extra care must also be taken around propane because it can be dangerous if mishandled.

Another disadvantage is that gas grills are on the more expensive side. Even cheaper models of them usually run higher than some other types of grills. Flavor is another issue. The amount of flavor imparted from a gas grill is not comparable with charcoal grills. Smoking the meat for enhanced flavor is just not as attainable for gas grills.

Electric Grills

Outdoor electric grills are for the griller who wants simplicity. Plugging the grill in and pushing a button are usually the extent of difficulty when using these grills. They are simpler than gas grills because they don’t need propane tanks to be refilled. All they need is some electricity.

Electric grills have a few disadvantages. They don’t produce a sear as easily, and they can’t replicate the same quality of flavor even a gas grill produces

Charcoal Grills

These outdoor barbecues use charcoal briquettes to cook meat at high temperatures. Charcoal grills give a feeling of authenticity and art to grilling. They range from very affordable to extremely expensive. Finding a reasonably priced charcoal grill that fits your needs is not a impossible affair by any means.

The biggest advantage of charcoal grills is flavor. Charcoal gives meat a deep, wonderful smoky flavor that is unrivaled. If you’ve had a smoky, mouth-watering piece of meat before, it probably was charcoal grilled.

Charcoal barbecue’s main disadvantage is preparation and time. It takes a chuck of time to get the charcoal lit and ready for grilling. You also must keep buying bags of charcoal to grill. Charcoal grills are not nearly as easy to clean as gas or other grills. The grill is ashen and take awhile to clean away the residue that charcoal leaves.

Portable Grills

Portable grills are smaller and can be taken anywhere. Thus, their applications are varied from tailgating to picnics. Portable grills come in charcoal or gas varieties, and have a rather varied price range but are generally cheaper than other grills. If you like grilling anywhere you go, portable grills are your best bet.


As some of the most expensive outdoor barbecues, smokers are for the serious griller. Food is cooked for many hours at a low heat in order to give it a complex depth of flavor and tenderness that causes the meat to gently fall off the bone when eaten. Smokers come in electric, wood, or gas varieties.

Regardless of the grill you choose, each has its advantages and can produce a delicious meal.

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