Outdoor grilling enjoys great popularity in today’s culture. Families often plan barbecues for weekends and holidays; food television networks offer progamming on how to become a better outdoor chef. However, not everyone has a spacious backyard or outdoor setting in which to grill. Even more, inclement weather can ruin a barbecue and outside get together. In these circumstances, using an electric grill can prevent a cookout from being ruined.

Unlike its grilling cousins, an electric grill does not need charcoal or propane to operate. Instead, these grills use electricity to cook foods. Because of this, food cooked on an electric grill will cook more evenly and without the flavor of the charcoal or propane seared into it. Further, an electric grill will not smoke or fume as charcoal or propane grills are prone to do. With this, a person can be assured that he or she will not be exposed to harmful smoke and carbon emissions; this assurance can come in handy for a person who suffers from asthma or other respiratory conditions. The lack of smoke from this type of grill also means that a person can grill both inside the home, as well as outside. This option will benefit a person who lives in an apartment or rental home that does not allow outdoor grilling. The ability to move the grill indoors to continue cooking also provides the guarantee that inclement weather like rain or snow cannot ruin a gathering for which grilled food is on the menu.

The grills come equipped with electrical cords that are plugged in as any other electrical appliance. Once plugged in, the grill can be heated to the desired cooking temperature. An electric grill can also come equipped with a number of grilling surfaces, including an open-faced top, a flat closed-faced top, and a deep-sided surface. An open-faced grill allows for the appliance to grill markings into steaks. This surface also allows the fat from the food being cooked to drip down between the grill’s bars. A flat closed-faced top are much like griddles and are ideal for the grilling of hamburgers, sandwiches, fish, vegetables, and pancakes. They do not allow fat to drip down into the grill, but rather accumulate on the grill’s surface. A deep-sided surface grill feature sides that are three inches deep that prevent fat from accumulating in the grill, which can be a nuisance when cleaning the grill.

As convenient and beneficial as electrical grills are, a person needs to consider how much space he or she has in which to cook. Electric grills come in a range of sizes, including as small as eighteen inches long to larger sizes that rival the sizes of charcoal and propane grills. Regardless of the size of grill, electric grills offer an ease of cleaning that cannot be found in other grills. In fact, electric grills can be cleaned with a grease-fighting dish detergent and a sponge. A person can also opt to use any number of commercially sold degreasing products. Once the grill is thoroughly cleaned, it should be wiped down and dried to prevent its rusting or tarnishing.

Electrical grills feature prices that are considerably lower than those of charcoal or propane grills. Online retailers offer these grills for as little as $50, with larger grills selling for around $300. Electrical grills can also be bought at big box retail stores, as well as specialty houseware stores. Most manufacturers offer grill owners limited one or two year warranties on the grills, which helps ensure that the appliance can be replaced or repaired in the event of manufacturer defect.

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