There are so many things to think about when you are about to purchase your first grill. How much room do you have? How tight is your budget? Do you need something that will be able to heat up and cook things quickly? Does it matter if you get that smoky taste when you grill?

All of these questions must be answered before you go to pick out your grill. There are five main types to choose from. The first and most common type is the gas grill. These grills have become very popular in today’s day and age. This is mostly due to the fast-paced lifestyle that many people live. The gas grill heats up and is ready to go in about ten minutes at most. It is common for gas grills to go over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The only drawback to this type of grill is that it costs a little more than other types of grills. It also must be used in an open area away from other surfaces.

Charcoal grills are time tested and a very popular option as well. The initial costs for a charcoal grill are less expensive than gas. If you are an avid griller, however, you will end up making up the difference due to charcoal costs. You will burn through charcoal must faster than you would propane or natural gas. Perhaps the best part of charcoal is the authentic smoky flavor you get when you grill. For some that is the only thing that matters! This grill needs a good amount of space to avoid fires. It may not be the best option for someone on the go, though, due to the wait time of about 30 minutes for startup and the lower temperatures used when cooking.

Electric grills are great for someone living in an apartment or someone who has no outside area. All you need to get this grill going is an outlet. It is not a very popular option due to the severe lack of “grill-like” flavor and the fact tat you cannot get a good sear on your food. It is quite inexpensive.

Pellet grills are getting evermore popular these days. They use wooden pellets in order to slow cook your food. Some say that they rival charcoal grills for an excellent smoky taste. The only thing is that it will take a very long time to cook your meat fully. The temperature only goes up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They are also very expensive and the pellets are sometimes difficult to find in stores.

If you still cannot decide which type of grill you want, maybe a hybrid is the option for you. They are a little pricier but use gas, charcoal, and wood combined. They have the benefit of being fast and convenient without losing that great grilled flavor.

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