If you have already begun shopping for a new grill, you might be overwhelmed at the wide variety of grills on the market. Shoppers have to decide between charcoal, gas and electric grills, decide on a price point and think carefully about how portable their grill needs to be. However, no grill can compare with the Big Green Egg. This incredible grill is made from a ceramic material that can withstand incredibly high temperatures. It is novel because the Big Green Egg can do more than simply grill meats over an open flame. The Big Green Egg can act as a smoker, oven and grill all in one convenient device. It can also operate in any conditions or temperature. Here are just a few of the reasons why the Big Green Egg is considered to be the most versatile grill on the market.

Wide Range of Temperatures: Perhaps the biggest feature that sets the Big Green Egg apart from competing grills is the ability to heat up to a wide variety of temperatures. Barbecue and slow smoker aficionados will know that in order to get the perfect tender ribs, they need to be cooked for several hours at a low temperature around 200 degrees. However, steaks should be seared at the highest temperature possible to seal in flavor without losing moisture. In addition, this grill can bake foods at specific temperatures. The secret is the precise temperature control, a feature not found on many grills, and certainly not on many that are not operated with electricity. The specific temperature control means that you can cook just about anything and know exactly how long it will take, just like in a traditional oven.

Can Be Used Year Round: Many grills are only ideal for use in the summer months when the weather is warm, and even then cannot be used in heavy rains. However, this significantly limits the use of a grill. To get the most from your grill, it is important to choose one that will work just as well in inclement weather as it will on a sunny summer afternoon. The Big Green Egg is designed to work completely closed, with only a tiny vent to let heat or steam escape if necessary. This means that users can feel comfortable with the lid closed, knowing exactly what the temperature is from the outside. Winter grill lovers will appreciate this fact and can keep enjoying their favorite grilled meals year round.

The Benefits of Charcoal Without the Drawbacks: Although most professional grill and barbecue chefs will claim that the best taste comes from charcoal grills, few amateur cooks like the hassle or buying expensive charcoal for each use, as well as the extensive cleanup involved. The Big Green Egg natural lump charcoal which gives off the rich, smoky flavor that gives meat its taste and authenticity, but allows for a much simpler cleanup routine. In addition, the ceramic naturally is cleaned by the heat, meaning only the grill needs to be wiped down after use.

Accessories to Cook Anything: Although the basic Big Green Egg certainly has the versatility to cook a wide variety of foods thanks to the temperature control, extra accessories can take advantage of the steamer, smoker and grill to make even more menu items. It is certainly possible to cook an entire meal from start to finish, including bread and dessert, in the Big Green Egg. Consider investing in a pizza stone, a cornbread tin or even a pie pan to bake all your favorites in one convenient location. If you can make it in an oven or on the stove, you can make it in a Big Green Egg.

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