Cooking outside always has the element of ‘back to nature’ even in your own backyard. Barbeque is an easy way to entertain, and the cook is part of the party while everyone enjoys the outdoors. A good gas grill is at the heart of a good meal. It is worth spending a little more for a good quality gas grill because it will last much longer with fewer repairs. This will save you money over time.

Gas grills cost more than charcoal grills, but they cost less to use. If you plan to grill a lot, at least once a week, a gas grill will save you money. Gas grills are available from $100 to $10,000 so you need to know what you are getting for your money. A cheap grill will fall apart soon and flair-up more, cook unevenly and be generally unreliable. It may ruin a great party because the cook is frustrated and the food is taking too long. In this case you won’t want to use it and even the $100 is wasted.

A good gas grill will come with a good warranty. You can get replacement parts for years if you have a name brand grill. This may not be true of store brand grills, so ask about the warranty and keep the receipts and paperwork in case you need it later to make a claim.

Gas grills can use propane gas or natural gas. Natural gas is very cheap and abundant, but natural gas grills tend to cost more. However, if you barbeque often, you will save in the long run because of the cost of the natural gas. Natural gas grills are also the best for very large gatherings. Propane gas is easy to use and the tanks come in many different sizes. It will cost more than natural gas in the long run but is portable which is useful if you have an RV or take your grill camping. When you buy propane, be sure to shop around. The price can vary a lot from station to station. Always try to get your tank refilled. It is cheaper than exchanging it.

You can save a lot on fuel if you are careful about your preheating time. Don’t turn on the grill and then go do something else before you start cooking. Each grill will have a preheating time, usually 5 to 10 minutes. Start cooking immediately and turn off the grill as soon as you are finished.

If you already have natural gas in your home, it is best and cheaper on fuel to buy a natural gas model. If you already have a propane model, you may be able to get a kit to convert it to natural gas. Some new grills are set up for both.

The amount you spend on a new gas grill will also depend on the features it offers. Some possible features are push button ignition, temperature control, side burner, extra warming rack and utensil holder. The model you buy also needs to fit with your lifestyle. Do you need one that roasts, fries and griddles too? A restaurant may need these features, but you may only need to barbeque in your backyard. Before choosing the model you want you need to know how many people you will be cooking for and how often. Do you need a portable model and do you have enough space in your yard for the grill to be a safe distance from your house? Size is the main consideration for the grill you buy.

The best time to buy a gas grill is in May or June or September and October. There will be sales online and some companies even offer free shipping during the off season. If you can get a good quality grill with good quality components on sale, you will have spent your money wisely and will save every time you use it.

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