A Basic Barbecue Rub - Everyone Needs OneWhether you are a grilling pro or if you are just learning how to grill out, you probably already know that seasoning your meat is an essential step to creating delicious meals on the grill. Although you can always sprinkle a few of your favorite seasonings while hoping for the best, it is always a good idea to have a good barbecue rub recipe.

There are tons of rub recipes out there, and you can even buy different types of rubs from the grocery store. Although many of these recipes are designed for specific cuts of meat, it is even better to create a wonderful all-purpose rub. Once you find the perfect rub for different types of meat, you will have a go-to recipe that you can depend on for a delicious and flavorful meal even when you aren’t feeling very inspired.

The fun of creating a rub recipe is experimenting with different seasonings and flavors to create a taste that is uniquely your own. You probably won’t have any actual flops during your testing period, but you can tweak each rub until you find the perfect one. There are actually only a few steps to creating your own go-to barbecue rub recipe, and experimenting and tasting your creations is one of the best parts.

<h3>Take a Look At Basic Ingredients</h3>
Nearly all rub recipes include your basic ingredients. Salt is usually a pretty big part of most rub recipes. Although salt can bring out a lot of flavor in meat, you can go a bit light if you do not prefer a salty taste or if you have health-related concerns about eating too much sodium. However, you will probably want to add at least a little bit of salt to your barbecue rub for optimum flavor.

Black or white pepper is also a popular choice. The amount of pepper that you add is up to you; you can go light on the pepper for a slight kick, or you can pile it on to give your food an even zestier flavor. If you prefer your food really spicy and zesty, try adding a few pinches of chili powder or cayenne pepper; don’t go too heavy at first, however, because a little bit goes a long way with these ingredients.

<h3>Choose a Few Favorite Spices</h3>
Do you have a few favorite spices that you like to add to all of your foods? If so, you should try to incorporate them into your rub. Adding your favorite seasonings is what makes your barbecue rub truly unique. Garlic powder, onion powder, basil, Italian seasoning, cilantro and other favorites work well in barbecue rubs, so try mixing together a few of your favorites to see what you can come up with.

<h3>Consider Adding Something Sweet</h3>
An unexpected but tasty addition to many barbecue rubs is the inclusion of brown sugar and other sweet ingredients. Some people love a sweet taste when they are grilling out, and others do not like sweet meat at all. Since this is a personal preference, it is up to you if you want to add brown sugar to your rub. However, you should consider giving it a try at least once; if you go light on the brown sugar, the taste will not be overwhelming.

<h3>Try It Out</h3>
Before you will know whether or not your rub turned out right or not, you will certainly have to try it on some of your favorite grilled meats. Try rubbing it onto pork, steak or chicken, or mix it up with hamburger meat next time you grill burgers. When tasting your meat, skip the condiments for the first few bites so that you can get a real feel of what your rub tastes like. You can then add and subtract ingredients until you come up with the perfect formula.

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