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Outdoor cooking can be an excellent way to prepare foods, particularly during the warmer months when you might not want to cook inside. Many Americans stick to grilling when preparing foods outdoors; however, you can take your culinary skills to the next level by learning the art of smoking. Smoking foods imparts a rich flavor that will set your dishes apart from those prepared by your neighbors, friends, and family members.

Weber’s Smoke: A Guide to Smoke Cooking for Everyone and Any Grill by Jamie Purviance is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn how to correctly smoke seafood, vegetables, meats, and other foods. Even if you have never attempted smoking before, this book can give you the tools necessary to create juicy, flavorful dishes that will impress your guests at your next picnic or backyard gathering.

Smoking for Any Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast

Purviance shows that you don’t necessarily need a smoker in order to create flavorful smoked dishes. Although Weber’s Smoke covers the details of preparing food in a smoker, it also provides a wealth of information for people who prefer to prepare food on a propane or charcoal grill or in a kettle. As with Purviance’s other books, this book contains step-by-step instructions, which will help you understand which techniques are necessary to achieve perfect flavors without overcooking your ingredients.

The wealth of color images sets Weber’s Smoke apart from other books on this topic. Along with detailed instructions, you will find helpful pictures to help ensure that you set up your grill, kettle, or smoker correctly for smoking. This helps eliminate guesswork and mistakes that can come from following text instructions without visual aids.

One point that Purviance makes clear in this book is that smoke, like any other flavoring, should be used in moderation. Purviance notes that too much smoke can ruin the natural flavor of any food, which is a point that many novice smokers fail to realize. You will find a wealth of tips in Weber’s smoke to avoid adding too much smoke flavor to meats, seafood, and vegetables.

Like most of the outdoor cooking books penned by Purviance, Weber’s Smoke offers a variety of recipes to suit any taste. Thanks to the detailed instructions, you can prepare any of the recipes in this book without fear of a ruined meal and a trip to the local fast food restaurant.

Smoking for Beginners

Beginners will appreciate the highly organized nature of Weber’s Smoke. You won’t have to hunt for recipes to appeal to your family or guests because the recipes are carefully segmented. Whether you are looking for a seafood recipe or instructions for smoking perfect pork, you can quickly find what you need in this comprehensive book. Color images accompany many of the recipes to give you an idea of how your finished entree or side dish should look, which helps further reduce guesswork when you are preparing dishes.

Also, you won’t have to hunt for the basics. Purviance has dedicated a substantial beginning section to teaching novices how to set up and maintain a smoker, grill, or kettle for optimal results.

The Bottom Line

Like any book, Weber’s Smoke is designed to target a specific audience. It provides detailed information for beginning smokers and much of the content reflects this focus. If you are a seasoned smoker, you can still find tips and tricks to help you refine your skills; however, you may feel the need to skip much of the basic information contained in this book. Still, the abundance of recipes and advanced techniques might make Weber’s Smoke a valuable addition to your kitchen library.

Overall, anyone who craves flavorful food and prefers to cook outdoors will enjoy the information contained in Weber’s Smoke. If you are a beginner, this book will help shorten the learning curve; if you are an experienced smoker, you can use the tips and recipes contained in this book to save time and achieve better results.

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