Enjoying a cookout starts with obtaining the right tools and equipment to properly cook a wide range of vegetables, meats and other food items. Among the necessary equipment is the basic utensils and tools that are used to create a grilled masterpiece. The Style Asia HW5266 Chefs Basics 18-Piece BBQ set provides many of the basic tools needed for grilling and cleaning the BBQ when food is finished and it has cooled down.

The Tools:

The tools provided in the set are basic necessities for any BBQ cooking project. It includes a fork, tongs, a knife and a basting brush. The tongs and fork are used to turn meat and other foods over during cooking while the basting brush allows the BBQ chef to add sauces and flavors to the meal throughout the grilling process. A knife is used during the cooking project to check if meat is finished or if it needs to cook longer.

The basic tools are necessary pieces of cooking on a grill. By having the tools to flip, check and improve foods, it is easier to make the meals.

Beyond the tools, the set also includes a grill brush to clean with after the meal is finished, four steak knives and eight corn holders. The set accounts for cooking, eating and cleaning in the same set, which is convenient for those who want a matching set for the home.

The tools are made with stainless steel, which is often appealing when working on the grill. The tools are very sturdy due to the heavy material and the long handles ensure that burns are kept to a minimum.

Overall, the tools are good quality and have a good weight for most individuals. The downside is that the metal can rust if it is not properly handled since the finish can wear off with continual usage.

The Case:

The set comes with a storage case, which is sometimes convenient for those who are using a grill outside the home or who prefer to store tools away from the grill. The case is sturdy enough to protect the tools, but it can be damaged over time.

The most common damage that might occur to the case is denting and scratches. For some individuals, the case is sturdy enough to manage the everyday needs of the tools. Others will find that the case is not up to their personal needs, depending on the situation.

Advantages of the Set:

The key advantages are an important part of determining if the set is appropriate for individual usage requirements.

A major advantage of the set is the matching stainless steel. Every piece of the set matches, which is a nice feature for tools that are used often throughout the summer months.

Beyond the matching quality, the tools have a long handle. By offering tools with a long handle, the set helps reduce the risk of getting burned while flipping or checking food while it cooks. The hands and arms are further away from the grill than other sets might allow.

The quality stainless material is durable as long as it is properly cared for.


The disadvantages are the potential downsides that might make the set inappropriate for personal needs.

A downside of the set is that it does not fit the hooks of ever grill. Some individuals will find that the hooks are too large, though this varies with grills.

Another potential problem is eventual rusting. It is a metal, so proper care is necessary to avoid rusting. Eventually, a protective coat is necessary when the initial finish wears off.

Overall, the set is nice for general usage requirements. While the set might not appeal to every individual, it is made from stainless steel and is sturdy enough for most grilling needs. While it is not the best set available on the market, it is a quality solution for those who have a limited budget.

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