Planet BarbecueMany people, especially Americans, assume that they are the only people in the world who barbecue. In fact, barbeque cooking is a worldwide phenomenon that is practiced by people across the globe. Leave it to best-selling grill expert Steven Raichlen to do the legwork to find all the barbecuing tips and recipes from around the planet.

Raichlen, whose cook books specializing in barbecuing have sold over 4 million copies, visited 60 countries and several continents to gather 309 barbecue recipes which, in his expert opinion, are the best in the world. The resulting cookbook is called “Planet Barbeque!” and it is indeed a world class look at the many ways humans barbecue in countries around the globe. Not only is the book a treasure chest of recipes, but it also features tips and techniques about how to get the best results from your grill as practiced by the world’s best barbecue chefs.

“Planet Barbecue!” is a must read for every backyard cook that wants to take their passion to the international level. Complete with full-color photographs that both inform and tantalize, the book is an impressive blend of food and culture. Readers are informed of the special pork recipes of Puerto Rico, German steaks and South Korean chops. Countries as diverse as Uraquay, South Africa, Australia and France all offer easy to prepare yet unique recipes for how to prepare everything you ever considered cooking on a grill. The recipes may come from from exotic locations, but they are definitely recipes you can do at home.

Also included in the book are some interesting insights into the history of barbequing as it is practiced around the world. The step by step instructions and pictures make the recipes simple enough so that even the least experienced barbecuing enthusiast can successfully complete them. The chefs contributing the recipes and Raichlen’s way of presenting them prove that cooking is indeed the universal language that can be understood by all. Even such seemingly exotic recipes like Cambodian style chicken or fish that has been grilled in banana leaves can be easily and successfully completed.

The recipes and stories in “Planet Barbecue!” are supplemented by side recipes for sauces and marinading techniques that add even more to the grilling experience. The book also discusses how fruits and vegetables can be both grilled and used to complement the meat. He even includes recipes for grilled desserts! With the help of this book, you will find your grill being used for a much wider range of choices than you ever thought possible.

There are few cook books that can genuinely claim to cover an entire field of cuisine, but “Planet Barbecue! is the rare exception. By relying on recipes from all over the world, it is nearly impossible to not find something in this book that you want to try. Because of the clear, easy to follow instructions, you will find yourself barbecuing dishes that will surprise and amaze your friends with the novelty of your grilling choices. With its wonderful recipes, fascinating history and entertaining stories, “Planet Barbecue!” is a must have book for every barbeque aficionado.

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