Planning on putting fire to the grill this summer? Tired of the heat singeing the hair off your fingers? Consider trying out the Heat Resistant Silicone BBQ Gloves by Pofinity. These safe to use and budget friendly gloves offer endless uses, long lasting durability and with tons of 5 star reviews from current customers, you just can’t go wrong.

The material of this product is made of premium quality food grade silicone that is FDA approved and manufactured under strict quality controls. They are long lasting and come with a 100% money back guarantee under a lifetime warranty.

Whether grilling, smoking, cooking over a campfire, feeding a fire pit or just microwaving, baking or using as oven mitts these gloves will not let you down. With a heat resistant capacity up to 425 degrees you can use these gloves for virtually anything HOT.

Making pulled pork barbecue or de-boning a chicken? With these gloves you can just grab that slab of meat right off the heat and start pulling it apart. Unlike bulkier gloves on the market that make it hard to feel what you are doing, these gloves give back the sense of touch; therefore, making pulling meat much easier.

Consider the struggle you have when trying to grasp corn on the cob out of boiling water. Crabs? Boiled potatoes? Boiled eggs? With tongs, or even forks, these foods tend to drop right back in the pot, sending hot water splashing all over you. Since these gloves have a textured grip it makes it easy to reach right in and safely get the food out – no more splashing.

Notice how there is no real way to flip those kabobs on the grill? The skewers either get too hot to touch or just leave no real way to turn them. How about tender meats that tend to break apart when you go to flip them with spatulas or tongs? These gloves allow you to safely reach in and flip any food over while cooking on the grill.

Throw out the potholders and oven mitts. Again, with high heat capacity and textured grip these gloves are amazing for removing very hot, heavy and sometimes slippery dishes from the oven. They’re also great for adjusting oven racks and grill racks.

I think this product speaks for itself with over 100 5 star reviews out there. This reviewer sums it up perfectly with:

“I am finally sold on these gloves to be what my kitchen was missing. I was very spectacle because I didn’t think plastic gloves would be able to withstand the heat. I saw a reviewer use 300 degrees fahrenheit in his review and thought to myself that I usually cook at a much higher temperature then 300. I used them today while baking chicken at 400 and to my surprise they were better at resisting heat then my KitchenAid Oven Mitts (which are dirty from over the years and is now in the garbage).

I have a medical background and I am pretty impressed with the FDA approval stamp. I wasn’t shy to use it to touch my food directly when I was trying to de-bone my cornish hen. Then . . . I was even more impressed by the fact that I still had the dexterity to de-bone something as small as a cornish hen. Afterwards, the cleaning was very easy. It didn’t require the double rinse and soap job that I usually experience with plastic tupperwares. I did a single rinse and soap over the gloves and it was completely grime free.”

A few added bonuses:

With a one size fits most style these gloves are easy to use for virtually everyone in the family
Unlike some other heat resistant gloves, you get a pair instead of one glove.
Cleanup is made simple by throwing these gloves in the dishwasher when dirty
Very competitively priced

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