Big Bob Gibson's BBQ BookAlabama hosts one of the greatest BBQ masters of all time. Chris Lilly is executive chef at Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ in Decatur, Alabama, a six-time winner of the World Championship BBQ Cook-Off, and has accumulated hundreds of other ribbons and titles including one of the greatest PitMasters of all time, all in the name of BBQ.

Lilly’s Great Grandfather opened up a legendary BBQ join in Decatur, Alabama in 1925. Since then, legendary and now world-famous recipes and techniques have been closely guarded and passed down through the family business. The secret is out now and is in black and white for readers to absorb.

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book: Recipes and Secrets from a Legendary BBQ Joint is packed with recipes for dry rubs, glazes, BBQ sauces, various cooking techniques including slow-cooking and traditional grilling, ideal BBQ sides, and much more. Lilly also dives into the history of his restaurant and the history of BBQ and grilling themselves.

Big Bob’s BBQ Book will teach the average BBQ griller the techniques and information needed to become a Pit Master. Things like ensuring that one’s BBQ sauce is white and not red, which is a big deal to locals in Decatur who really know their BBQ. The Deep South has always been a place where anyone can find legendary, great-tasting BBQ. With this book, legendary BBQ has the chance to spread to the far corners of the country.

Lilly discusses the process of making great-tasting and world-famous BBQ from start to finish. He also discusses various types of grills and grilling set-ups and cookers. Lilly covers choosing the ideal wood for certain situations that will allow an average griller to achieve a BBQ masterpiece. He covers seasonings and “fixin’s” as well.

Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book educates the reader on achieving and maintaining the ideal temperature to produce tasty and tender meats. The tenderness of the BBQ is as important as the taste of the sauce used. Slow cooking is a must have piece of knowledge for any proclaimed Pit Master. Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book covers slow cooking with great detail as most of the recipes involve slow cooking techniques.

In the opening pages of the book Lilly explains the timeline followed to maintain a double pit BBQ set-up. He goes on to describe his upbringing and the process in which he learned to BBQ from his elders. Lilly does a great job of proving to the reader that he’s not just an average BBQ enthusiast. He and his elders have fine chiseled this art to an exact science, and Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Book shares this science with all who are interested in one of the staple food groups of this country; and yes, BBQ is its very own food group.

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