A remote meat thermometer is one of those must have tools if one enjoys cooking outdoors. The time it takes to cook a nice, thick juicy steak varies depending on the fire size and weather. This little gadget takes the guesswork out of the cooking, making the meat turn out perfect every time. Grill thermometers are not indestructible. To ensure that one gets the longest life out of them without trouble, it is essential that one pays attention to the warnings that come with the unit. Additionally, it is important that in order to keep getting accurate readings one makes an effort to keep them out of harm’s way.

The real Achilles heel of the wireless grill thermometer is the cable connecting the transmitter with the probe. Even though these cables are designed to withstand high heat, they are rather thin and not able to withstand excessive heat or pressure due to bending. It can easily be destroyed if the grill lid closes on it accidentally or one bends and cuts it in half. It is always best to place the cable through an opening of a grill if possible. If this is not possible, then it is a good idea to insert something as thick as the cable under the lid of the grill so the pressure is not on the cable directly.

The probe is another part of the thermometer that has to be looked after to ensure that it lasts. A majority of the probes are designed to withstand an upper sensing limit of approximately 400° F; being exposed to something higher can cause damage. Many probes are not designed to be left in the meat while it cooks, as extended exposure to the heat can cause the internal sensors or the housing to melt. Read the instructions that come with the unit to ensure that any part that will be exposed to high heat for prolonged periods of time can stand the heat.

The display unit is another part of the wireless grill thermometer that has to be given due attention. Considering that the display unit is usually used outdoors, it is important to protect it from moisture. Individuals who like to cook outdoors even during rain or snow, should keep the unit covered with plastic so raindrops or snow does not cause any damage. Sometimes these units come with magnets on the back so they can be attached to the grill. It is not a good idea to stick them directly to the grill; it’s better to keep them far enough so they do not get too hot. Excessive heat can destroy their mechanisms causing them to malfunction.

These gadgets are not cheap and once one has invested in a good unit, taking care of it will ensure that it lasts for a lifetime. A grill thermometer is only as good as the user, and not using it properly can also lead to erroneous readings that lead to improperly cooked meat. Correct placement of the probe is essential to properly cooked meat. One should make sure that the probe is inserted in the thickest portion of the meat and it is in the center of the piece. If the probe is not inserted all the way and is left too near the meat surface, it will give a ‘done reading’ too soon. Additionally, if the probe is in contact with a bone it will also give a ‘done reading’ too soon as bones conduct heat better than muscle. Proper use of the remote thermometer can lead to succulent, moist meat, whereas improper use can lead to dry meat.

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