You finally threw away the $20.00 barbeque grill you bought at the grocery store and decided to make a big investment in a top of the line, brand new grill. Well, it set you back close to $500.00, but the promise of delicious, perfectly cooked T-Bone steaks, has made you forget the price and start grilling. Well, you invite the neighbors over and make a feast fit for a king. The steaks have that unbeatable flavor you can only get on a barbeque grill. Everything went perfect and the evening was a great success.

Your barbeque grill worked just wonderfully the first time you fired it up. If you want to keep your grill performing at its best, you will need to do some occasional maintenance. There are two basic things to maintain with a gas grill. First, you need to make sure the tank is full so you’ll have plenty of fuel to do your cooking. Second, and the hardest part of owning a grill, is the cleanup.

Buying propane is a simple process. Your gas grill will usually come with a propane tank which you can fill at any number of outlets. Gas stations, convenience stores, Walmart and many other stores sell propane. The way it normally works is you bring your empty tank to the store and they give you another full tank. You leave your tank and keep the new one. Generally, a standard tank of propane costs about $20.00 and will give you many hours of grilling time.

The only other thing to do is make sure the hose is securely connected to the tank and the grill. Each time you get a new tank of propane, you will have to unscrew the old connection from the tank (make sure the valve is closed) and then reconnect it when you get the replacement tank. Tightening by hand should be sufficient, but if you have weak hands, you can use some pliers. Just be careful not to tighten too much.

The major maintenance for your outdoor barbeque grill is also the most tedious. Cleaning your grill is necessary if you want it to perform well. It is also a good idea as leaving a dirty grill will tend to attract flies and other insects. There are different parts of a grill that need to be cleaned. The base of the unit holds charcoal, wood chips or other material that is used for cooking. The metal rack or racks is where you place the food and as such, is the most important part to maintain and keep clean. Other areas that might need a general cleaning are the top of the grill (the cover), a side burner, storage rack and the dials and controls.

Grills come with different surfaces. Cast iron requires some initial preparation and maintenance but is probably the most durable type of grill you can buy. You may need to oil it a few times to “season the surface” which will keep your food from sticking and also inhibit any rusting. Removing any food and cleaning charcoal buildup is simply a matter of getting a steel-wire brush and brushing it clean. You can then rinse with some warm soapy water, dry and return to the grill.

Other grill surfaces include stainless steel and steel covered in teflon. It is fine to use the steel wire brush on the stainless steel surface or you can just use a steel wool pad. The teflon coated grill is more delicate and you can ruin the finish by scraping or trying to clean with an abrasive cleaner. Instead, soak your grill in the sink and the material will wipe off easily.

When everything looks like it needs a good cleaning, using a pressure washer can make easy work of an otherwise labor intensive job. Empty out the charcoal remains and set your barbeque out in the grass or someopen place. Turn on your pressure washer and watch the dirt and slime fly away.

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