Cooking on a propane gas grill outside is a great way to save energy in your home as well as providing great flavor to your food. In order to keep your food tasting great when you cook it on the grill, you want to make sure you clean the propane gas grill properly to remove any left over food and debris. Here are several steps you need to take to clean the propane gas grill properly.

* Before attempting to clean the propane gas grill, always shut off the valve at the top of the propane bottle to prevent gas from igniting while you are using cleaning products.

* Let the gas grill cool down before attempting to clean the grill in order to prevent burn injuries.

Cleaning the Outside of the Grill

When cleaning the outside of the grill, be careful you do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals that can remove the porcelain or painted surface of the grill. The best way to clean the outside is to spray it with an approved grill cleaner and remove the cleaner by wiping it down with paper towels or dry rags. Do not use any flammable cleaning products on the outside of the grill. Always verify that the products you are using are non-flammable.

Cleaning the Inside of the Grill

Take the cooking grates out of the gas grill and use a soft wire brush designed for cleaning grills to remove any debris from the grates. Verify that you have removed all the debris from the grates and set them aside. Clean any debris off the sear plates by scraping them with a putty knife until the plates are clean. Use the soft wire brush to remove any remaining ash or debris that you could not remove with the putty knife. Take the sear plates out of the grill and remove any grease or debris from the drip pan with a putty knife. It is a good idea to replace the drip pan about once a month depending on how often you use the grill. Once everything is cleaned inside the gas grill, put all the parts back inside the grill.

Cleaning the Gas Grill Burner

While using the propane gas grill, the flame on the burner should be blue in color. If you are seeing a red or orange flame, the burner needs to be cleaned. Cleaning the burner needs to be done carefully to prevent the propane tank or gas fumes from igniting with flammable cleaning products.

To begin cleaning the burners, verify that the gas is shut off at the propane tank valve and disconnect the burners from the grill, removing the parts carefully. Mix a solution of 1 cup white distilled vinegar and 1 teaspoon of grease removing dish detergent into a bucket with 1 gallon of hot water. Place the burners in the bucket with the solution for about thirty minutes to let the solution clean any debris out of the burners.

Remove the burners from the solution and clean any remaining debris with the soft wire brush, rinsing the burners in the solution until all debris is removed from the burners. Dry the burners with a soft dry cloth and reattach the burners to the propane gas grill. For more information about cleaning a propane gas grill, go to: (

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