butcherYou have a few options when looking for meat for your next grilling or barbecue recipe. Most people tend to just go to large supermarkets or chain stores for meat. The quality and selection at these locations can be a real problem that affects the flavor of your final dish. A better option is to go to a local butcher who is dedicated to just meat. There are a few reasons why you should visit your local butcher.

Enjoy High Quality Meats

One of the main reasons to visit your local butcher is because the quality of the meat is going to be higher than what can be found in large box stores. The prepackaged meats you see in large stores have usually been stored for a long time. Some of the meats might have been treated to preserve the color or extend the shelf life. Your local butcher has much fresher meats available. It has not likely been sitting around for a long time. You will notice the difference in quality when you go to your local butcher.

Get Rare or Custom Cuts

If you are buying your meat frozen or prepackaged at a large store, then your options are going to be limited to just what is on the shelf. This can be a real problem especially since large stores tend to focus on just a few of the most popular cuts that might not be right for your dish. If you go to your local butcher, then you will be able to get rare or custom cuts. You can specifically ask the butcher to give you the cuts that you need. This will give you more flexibility when planning your meals.

Butchers Can Provide Expert Advice

Most people today are not experts when it comes to meats. There are things that might seem confusing or things that you simply did not realize. If you are shopping for meat in an impersonal store, then you are going to be on your own when choosing cuts. Your local butcher, however, is an expert who can provide you with valuable advice. You can get suggestions about what meat would be best, how to prepare a cut and how to cook everything. Your local butcher is a source of expert advice that you should never ignore.

Save Money

The reality is that visiting your local butcher can save you money. One way is by offering you the less expensive cuts of meat that large supermarket chains do not carry. You will be able to get more economical cuts or unusual cuts that are tasty and that cost far less than the well-known steaks you are used to seeing. You are also going to save money because you can purchase only what you need instead of being force to buy cuts that include parts or bones you will never use. Local butchers can make grilling and barbecuing more affordable.

Potentially Get Special Perks

If you are visiting your local butcher on a regular basis, then you are going to start to develop a relationship. The butcher will come to learn what you like and what you usually cook. Butchers often give regular customers special perks. You might be able to buy something really unusual for a low price that was selected just for you. The butcher might specially prepare the meat to make cooking it easier. The butcher might even throw in trimmings or other items for free. You are going to get this only through a good local butcher.

Try New Things

A final reason to visit your local butcher is that it gives you opportunity to try new things. The butcher might be aging meat, creating unique sausages or offering other items that you will not find anywhere else. Large chain stores and supermarkets cater to the broadest tastes possible. Your butcher is free to carry anything. You might discover a new cut of meat or a new type of meat that you really enjoy. Do not limit yourself to the prepackaged meat in large box stores. Explore what your local butcher is offering.

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