Smoked Sea SaltsIf you love cooking on the grill, smoked sea salt is an ideal alternative to regular table salt when it comes to seasoning meats and vegetables. Whether you’re tossing kabobs on the grill, or whether you’ve been marinating baby back ribs, adding a few pinches of this thick and smoky salt can be a great way to maximize the flavor kickback you’ll receive upon serving the food.

Tips for Seasoning and Preparing Foods for the Grill

Seasoning is all important when it comes to cooking. However, many people tend to get overly carried away with seasonings and then the meat or vegetables can no longer be tasted. Using a few key seasonings in moderation is far better than using fifteen different seasonings in abundance. Foods that are grilled over charcoal and mesquite chunks mixture will have a naturally pleasant and flavorful taste to them. Enhancing these flavors can be accomplished by lightly seasoning the food when you are preparing it for the grill.

Dry rub seasonings for meat such as beef steaks, pork chops, ribs, and lamb can add a lot of value to the meat and the taste can be greatly enhanced. Ideal ingredients for a basic dry rub that will season meat and give it an extra and tasty smoky kick include minced garlic, smoked sea salt, ground black pepper, basil, paprika, and finely-diced green onions.

Once this mixture has been prepared, simply rub it by hand (using clean hands) over all sides of the meats you are preparing for the grill. Cook on a medium-low heat on the grill until meat has been checked and cooked to the desired temperature. Checking the accurate cooking temperature for each type of meat you cook on the grill can help you to grill to the perfect temperature where the meat is delicious, cooked to a safe temp, and packed with tenderness.

It’s All about the Marinade

Marinating meats can lead to successfully-cooked meats on the grill. Short ribs, spare ribs, baby back ribs, briskets, steaks, chicken, and more can all be hugely enhanced in flavor if they are marinated prior to being tossed over the open fire. Smoked sea salt, a few drops of liquid smoke, tomato sauce, tiny pinch of cayenne pepper, garlic, chopped onions, fresh-squeezed orange juice, and brown sugar combines to make an excellent marinade that works well for a huge variety of meats. This type of marinade works really well for red meat and an array of ribs.

While this marinade also works great on chicken, you may consider cutting out the tomato sauce and adding an unsweetened apple juice in place of the tomato sauce for the chicken breasts. However, if you go with the original marinade listed here for your barbecued chicken, your chicken will have a smoky, spicy, and slightly sweet taste to it once it is cooked. The citrus in the marinade helps to add a distinct fresh flavor in this marinade.

If you are unsure how long to marinate, typically twenty-four hours is a good time frame to give your meats a marinade bath. Simply combine your ingredients for the marinade, toss in your meat, cover with aluminum foil or a plastic lid, and let it sit in the refrigerator until it is time to go on the grill. Pinching on a few extra pinches of smoked sea salt right as you put it on the grill will increase the natural smoky flavor of the meats as they cook.

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