grill giftsWhen it comes to finding the perfect gift for those that love to cook outdoors, there are a wide variety of amazing tools, gadgets, and gizmos that will appeal to their zeal for making great food. Whether it is the holiday season, an upcoming birthday, or just because, here is a look at some of the leading products to make backyard BBQing, smoking, and grilling better than ever.

Wood and Wood Chips
Mixing and matching wood to grill over and wood chips to smoke with will make all the difference when it comes to taste. Most BBQ experts tend to stick to a single type of wood such as hickory or cherry, but giving an assortment of wood and wood chips is a great gift for anyone that would like to see what flavors that can bring out in their favorite cuts of meat. For the truly adventurous, many of the leading whiskey and bourbon makers sell gift sets of slats from their aging barrels to bring out a unique essence without slathering on sauce or dry rubs.

Personalized BBQ Tool Set
An outdoor cook will only be as good as the tools that they work with, and a custom BBQ tool set is a great way to ensure that everything they need to make a great meal will be at hand. The most basic sets are going to come with essential tools such as a as a spatula, tongs, and a set of knives. More comprehensive sets may include a variety of products ranging from aprons and personalized grill covers to spice grinders and etched cutting boards.

Digital Thermometer
While many BBQ enthusiasts are going to have their cooking times down to an art, mistakes can happen in the blink of an eye. Whether coals have gotten to low or a conversation made the cook lose track of time, a digital grill thermometer will ensure perfect cooking every single time. There are a number of styles and options available for digital thermometers, many of which can be placed directly in the cooking meat through a heat-resistant cord. The temperature is then broadcast over a wireless signal to a remote display that the cook can carry with them. Another option is a quick-read handheld digital thermometer that will help to cut down on the uneven cooking that will take place if the tip of a remote thermometer is left in the meat while over the flames.

Grill Pizza Cooker
There is always going to be a big difference between a pizza that is cooked in an oven and pizza that is cooked over direct flames. Nothing can beat the charred flavor and crisp crust of a fire-roasted pizza, but laying the dough on the grates directly over a fire can be both impractical and messy. With a grill-top pizza cooker, outdoor cooking enthusiasts can slide any store bought or homemade pizza into the grill at its highest setting and have perfectly grilled pizza in as little as 2 or 3 minutes.

Infused Planks
Using infused planks has often been relegated to high-end restaurants exclusively used with hand-picked meats, but many are now experimenting with them on the grill or smoker. These planks are made of a balsa-like material and can be infused with any number of flavors ranging from bourbon to pickling spices. The small cuts of wood have traditionally been used to cook fish over the grill, a great option for those that cooking lighting fish that can fall apart. As the edges of the plank become charred, it will infuse the meat with a rich, smoky flavor.

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