With summer in full swing, many Americans are embracing the warmer temperatures and firing up the grill. Regardless of the season, food cooked on the grill is a passion for many meat and grilling enthusiasts. With so many fun and interesting tools, gadgets, and accessories on the market, it is easy to find the perfect gift for your favorite griller. Here are five essential gift ideas for the meat lover and BBQ enthusiast in your life:

QUALITY THERMOMETER: No master BBQ area is complete without a high-quality meat thermometer. Gone are the days are guessing about the temperature of the food. Today’s digital thermometers are designed to give you an accurate temperature reading with ease. Because digital thermometers work quickly, you will not be waiting around for the reading to come through. A good thermometer will be dishwasher safe and will store easily.

BASKET OF MARINADES AND RUBS: BBQ enthusiasts love to experiment with a cornucopia of rubs and marinades. A fun gift basket full of these enhancements will inspire their creativity and allow them to customize their meals to suit a variety of preferences. You can either choose to go with a theme or put together a hodgepodge of different ingredients. Throwing a few different types of smoker chips will give the meat expert even more versatility when creating the perfect outdoor feast.

FRYER ACCESSORY KIT: Regardless of the type of meat you are grilling, an accessory kit can make the job easier. These tools will also ensure a more even cooking time and deliver meat that it is grilled to perfection. Lastly, these tools can even make cleanup easier. Although each kit varies in what tools it includes, some of the most common items are skewers, chicken leg racks, boneless rib hooks, and rack rib hooks. These accessories allow you to cook large quantities of food at one time, ensuring that all parts of the meal come off the grill at the same time. The skewers will help to cook the meat at even temperatures and doneness so that everything is prepared consistently.

PIZZA STONE: All you need is a grill and a solid pizza stone and you can enjoy the deliciousness of wood-fired pizza in the comfort of your home. Pizza stones are designed to withstand a high amount of heat without breaking or cracking. You will want to heat your stone first directly on the grill while you are preparing the pizza dough. Simply slide the pizza dough onto the preheated stone on the grates and let the heat of the grill take over. Once the dough is slightly browned, it is time to load it up with toppings and cheese. This is the perfect weeknight meal that any grill enthusiasts will be able to prepare with ease.

GRILL GLOVES: A set of specially designed grill gloves allow the master griller to prepare meat and other foods on the grill without fear of getting burned. Depending on the brand that you choose, the gloves are designed to withstand the heat of up to nearly 1000 degrees. A good pair of grill gloves will allow the griller to move their hands and fingers easily to control the food. Be sure to choose a pair that extends all the way down the forearm for maximum protection.

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