Weber Q3200 vs Spirit E-210 Question


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We have had a Weber Q3200 for 12 years now, and we’ve been really satisfied, except for the fact that it does not have flavorizer bars (flare-ups are really annoying sometimes!). We live in Montreal, Canada, and we don’t have a garage, so it basically spent its life on the back deck, always covered under a Weber cover when not in use. It would also spend all winter on the deck, under its cover.

Winters are harsh here, and now understandably it shows surface degradation a bit everywhere on the steel surfaces, some cracks in the enamel, and peeling out of the black paint in some parts. So time for a new one, and I don’t think changing after 12 years can be considered frivolous in Canadian conditions.

My questions concerns the Spirit E-210; I am tempted by that model, because of the flavorizer bars and the fact that it’s the same price as the Q3200. However when I saw one in the store, it looked kinda more... fragile? Also reading reviews, people are complaining about rust appearing after a few months.

What does the community here think? Considering my conditions (outside storage) should I just buy a new Q3200, or the Spirit E-210 is bound to last as much? (I assume that happy people put less reviews out there so I might be overseeing the rusting problem, perhaps?).



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I do not own either grill. However am familiar with your present grill and Weber products. I stumbled upon a thread concerning the E-210 in another forum (non weber) and the owners seemed quite happy. Seems like most of the owners were buying them at Ace for under $300. Not sure if that is an option in Montreal.