Weber Q3200 vs Spirit E-210 Question


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We have had a Weber Q3200 for 12 years now, and we’ve been really satisfied, except for the fact that it does not have flavorizer bars (flare-ups are really annoying sometimes!). We live in Montreal, Canada, and we don’t have a garage, so it basically spent its life on the back deck, always covered under a Weber cover when not in use. It would also spend all winter on the deck, under its cover.

Winters are harsh here, and now understandably it shows surface degradation a bit everywhere on the steel surfaces, some cracks in the enamel, and peeling out of the black paint in some parts. So time for a new one, and I don’t think changing after 12 years can be considered frivolous in Canadian conditions.

My questions concerns the Spirit E-210; I am tempted by that model, because of the flavorizer bars and the fact that it’s the same price as the Q3200. However when I saw one in the store, it looked kinda more... fragile? Also reading reviews, people are complaining about rust appearing after a few months.

What does the community here think? Considering my conditions (outside storage) should I just buy a new Q3200, or the Spirit E-210 is bound to last as much? (I assume that happy people put less reviews out there so I might be overseeing the rusting problem, perhaps?).



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I do not own either grill. However am familiar with your present grill and Weber products. I stumbled upon a thread concerning the E-210 in another forum (non weber) and the owners seemed quite happy. Seems like most of the owners were buying them at Ace for under $300. Not sure if that is an option in Montreal.


I started with gas grills in the early 80's. For about 10 years or so I bought all of the cheap crap grills. I wasted a lot of time and cash, but learned.

Sometime in the 90's I met a guy who worked for Ace. I made a great deal with him. I bought 3 whatever number Weber grills, all the same. One was for me, one for my mom, and the other for my brother. It turned out to be the greatest deal ever.

My brother is a lot younger (and now a snooty KC BBQ Judge with fancy stuff), mom has past, and I am kicking. My brother obviously got into it and burned his out in about 10 years. Mom being elderly slowly used hers less. When he passed around 2007 I got her grill. I am a normal grilling guy. Mine had seen its better days, even after replacing lost of parts. I got rid of mine and had mom's until 2017, about 10 years. It was great.

In 2017 my son in law finally convinced me to upgrade to modern tech grills and got a E-310. He has the same one, but a generation older.

I absolutely endorse and love my Weber gas grills. I do not have the time right now to explain all of the best things about the grill and manufacture, but will provide my top 3 reasons:

  • They last and survive harsh weather extremes (I live in Nebraska where it gets to -60 in winter and 120 in the summer with high winds, humidity and rain.
  • Replacement parts are abundant from not only the manufacturer, but also third parties.
  • The new grills have burner controls for flames side by side, not front to back like the old ones.
You cannot go wrong with a modern Weber gas grill.

Your second purchase should be their thermometer. I have lots of probes.

No I am not, know no one and am not related to anyone who is remotely related or works for Weber. I am just a great fan of their great products.