These Yanks Think They're BBQing LOL


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As a Texan living in NYC, I have to admit…..I’m scared to try this Yankee-style bbq. In fact, the last time I had good bbq was when I was back home, over 10 years ago. For one, there’s no space to have a huge pit and there are restrictions when it comes to fire cooking outdoors. Geesh! What’s a gal to do? Should I trust my roommates who swear that they’re bbq’ing on a tiny grill or go upstate to a friend’s place who has a real cooking pit? It’s a dilemma. So I’m settling for the next best thing: video tutorials!

Here’s how REAL bbq is really done:

No worries, just click “I’m not a robot” if you have trouble opening this video.

Happy BBQing!
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