The Egg



Do any of you have the Egg grill? I'm considering getting one and would like some opinions on them.
Here's the one I'm looking at. Any help would be appreciated.



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Buying an egg is just like buying a luxury car if you can afford it go for it it has become a status symble. There are many much cheaper pits it's all relative..... to your attitude and bank account.


I never knew they had this so I checked it out. Some of the prices are around $300 and others go up into the thousands. I think we will be keeping ours for a while longer. Unless we break out and decide to start competing I don't see a need to replace something that already works.


Is the egg that much better than other grills? $300 + is a big price for something to cook on outside. If it lasts longer and cooks better than I say go for it. If not, go to Lowe's and get one on sale. You'll get the same results.


I've never seen a grill like this before. Do they have more features than a regular grill, or do they cook better? I'm not sure that I would be willing to spend that much money on something that does what my grill does now. I guess if my grill ever needs to be replaced then I might consider one like this because it seems like it takes up less room.


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I have had mine for years. Finally replaced the felt around the lips. Otherwise it still looks as good as new. It is costly and you could do with cheaper but I the thing works well as an all around grill/smoker. Holds temperatures nicely without using too much charcoal. I can grill at high heat or smoke at 200 degrees, sadly not both at the same time. The round shape is a bit to get used to. The wife does pizza in it and it comes out pretty good.


I have a kamado shape like a egg
.it has a rubber gasket to keep heat is will cook just like a oven.
We cook everything in it just like you can a stove..its expensive but once you get use to it..youll love it..well I do anyway


We don't have an Egg. I don't see any reason to get one myself as I'm happy with our grill, but if you have the money and want one, why not get it?