Smoker box or smoker tube for gas grill


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I just upgraded to a Weber gas grill from a Char Broil and love how sturdy it and how easy the stainless grates are to clean. That Char Broil cooked well but it had this big trough below the grates and it would warp so easily. One thing I liked is that I could just throw some wood chips on it and it would produce some smoke for a 15-20 minutes just enough to get a little flavor in some chicken or whatever I was cooking. Anyways, I was looking to get an actual box for this grill but then ran across smoker tubes that hold pellets instead and was wondering your experience between the two. Which one works better or produces smoke longer? I would also like something that can last longer so I can cook ribs on it. I know this isn't the same as a dedicated smoker, but it looks like some of these throw out a decent amount of smoke. I hope to hear your thoughts on this.


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I have never used a smoke tube for pellets, so I cannot answer how well they work. That being said, I have known people who used tin foil with wood chips. They fold the chips in the middle and then poke holes in the foil. They just toss the foil when done. Not sure if that would be an option for you.