Small table-Top Comp[act Grill To Use With Natural Gas


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I'm trying to down-size and purchase a grill that will sit on a stainless steel table that is portable and yet will use natural gas-not a built-in but one that will be small, have a lid and still produce enough BTU to cook a steak or hamburgers. Anyone have any idea where I can locate one? I've searched the intetnet-Amazon, Walmart, Lowes etc without any luck. I'll even buy a propane grill if I can convert it to natural gas.
Honestly, this is the first time I hear about how to adapt the grill for natural gases. Isn't the grill fired with coals? I'm sure if there are such grills, then you can find one on Amazon because most often Amazon has all the possible products that you may need if you could not find such a grill, then perhaps such a grill simply does not exist.