Salad season!



It is definitely salad season now. Do you ever do big dinner salads for supper in the summer? Do you have a favorite you can recommend? Cobb salad is one of my favorites.


We do a lot of 7 layer-style salads like this:


They're easy but delicious and work really well with BBQs, so it's always a go-to for us.


Ah Jessi thanks for sharing. I will try this. I am trying to lose weight and workout. I love salads and enjoy going to the salad bar. This allows me to do a great salad at home. Easy to do and I can premake it for eating later.


When it's so hot outside that you don't even want to BBQ, a salad is a nice alternative. Many times in the summer, we'll sit down to a nice big salad and a cold glass of tea.


I make a bow tie pasta salad with marinated vegetables. I like to put Fresh peppers,grape tomatoes, pickled mushrooms,green olives,black olives,marinated artichoke hearts, fresh spinach,feta cheese,mozzarela cheeze,salami.pepperoni,beef log , mandarin oranges,craisens, pineapple chunks. I marinate all the ingrediants in a sweet italian dressing overnight and then toss it with the bow tie pasta. Mix well to coat the pasta. I made a huge bowl of this and it was gone in 10 minutes.


One of my favorite summer time salads is "Pasta and Tuna" salad. It is quick and simple to throw together.
Step one is decide which pasta you want. For me it depends on my mood at the time but generally I use
elbow or bow tie pasta. Almost any pasta will work for this recipe. It's up to you. I use either finely copped common onion or green onion. If I feel ambitious I will finely shred some carrots as well. Often I will finely dice some bell pepper and throw that into the mix. For that extra body I will dice either chicken or smoked ham which adds another dimension to the mix. There have been occasions when I used both the ham and chicken along with the drained spring water tuna to give the salad that extra flavor. For salad dressing I prefer either ordinary Mayonnaise or my favorite "Miracle Whip" (I like the sweetness). This is a basic recipe and you can experiment with the ingredients to suit your individual taste. Lastly don't forget to salt and black pepper to taste.