Rub for pulled pork



Looking to have a friendly contest with a buddy doing some pulled pork. Who has a good rub for that?


That's interesting, at the end of the day you'll have a delicious result.


It all depends on who the judges are and who you are competing against.

Different parts of the country have different preferences.

Expecting to win a bbq contest with judges and other competitors from the same part of the country that you are not from is a difficult task.

So let's assume this is not a REAL competition, but more of a friendly backyard faceoff.

Assuming I have a few weeks to prepare and train, and am a novice at competitions and pulled pork bbq, I would spend time on the Internet to get trained about the topic, especially in my part of the country. Then I would cook at go through the process at a minimum of 10 times to prepare.

If the competitors are from the area and similarly inexperienced, you will toast them.

Otherwise, spend a couple afternoon chilling out while you try 2 or 3. Then pick one and hope you can duplicate it.

No matter the challenge or intensity, it does not matter. You have fun and get to taste (hopefully) great food.

That is what is great about BBQing.