Rebuilding 16 yr old broilmaster



I am rebuilding my old broilmaster p3 bbq, and cleaning the inside of all the built up grease seems almost impossible. I’ve tried a putty knife, bbq cleaner, soap and water, and oven cleaner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I applaud you on bringing your P3 back to life. Couple of things I have found that helps me in my grill cleaning.
-Dawn Power Disolver if you can find it. Spray it on let it sit and it cuts through the crud.
-The same can be said for Bar Keepers Friend.
-Lastly I just used one of these 3M 7772 paint/rust stripping mesh tdisc to assist in the removal of a felt gasket on a ceramic grill. Got most of the felt off on initial removal. Much glue and grease left behind. Put that mesh disc on my drill and LIGHTLY went around the lip of the base and dome of the ceramic cooker. As Gomer would say Shazam Shazam Shazam took the glue, grease and chunkies right off. Never heard of this disc nor thought of using one until I read the directions that came with my High-Que gasket.
Hope this helps.
BTW the P3 is a great grill really a workhorse.