In my younger days, oysters on the half shell were like nectar to my taste buds. These days, I like 'em fried nice and brown with a little cocktail sauce or even a little tartar sauce. Here's a simple batter recipe for deep frying oysters. Add a lemon wedge, some fries and cole slaw. Yum!


We're not really big on oysters, but we do have them once in a while, and we prefer to have them grilled. That deep fried oyster recipe sounds good though. Maybe, we'll give it a shot next time.


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That sounds good DipsyDo. Using when we have oysters we have them bacon wrapped but I would try them your way. That does sound really good. Oops just noticed that this is an older post but it is a recipe that I would be interested in trying.

Diane Lane

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Yum, I love fried oysters. I add the sliced lemon on the side, but also use homemade cocktail sauce. I have pretty simple taste, and I just mix up ketchup, a little lemon juice, and some horseradish for my sauce. As @DipsyDo mentioned, I will sometimes even add in some tartar sauce to the cocktail sauce, for added kick.