One of the World’s Greatest BBQ Pitmasters Has Created the Ultimate Guide to Steak


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In 2015, Aaron Franklin gave us all his brisket secrets. Built around a 15-page treatise of technique, science and art, Franklin BBQ: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto, showed us why so many people wait in line at Franklin’s Austin restaurant: because smoking the best beef in Texas is a lot of work! Among barbecue geeks, the book is an acknowledged masterpiece that goes into painstaking detail about choosing, prepping, smoking, holding and cutting meat. “NOT a cookbook,” complained one-star Amazon reviewer “Robert,” which is also correct.

The same year it was published, Franklin also won the James Beard for Best Chef: Southwest, the first time a barbecue cook (or “pitmaster,” if you insist) had been recognized by the restaurant world awards (he’s since been followed by 2018 Southeast winner Rodney Scott). Usually, those honors are won by chefs like Tyson Cole, of Austin sushi palace Uchi—who just happens to be Franklin’s partner in Loro, an “Asian Smokehouse” that opened in 2018 with such hybrid offerings as smoked prime bavette, Thai curry green sausage, and yes, a version of that famous brisket.

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I remember when I found out about this news six months ago I was very surprised... I tasted the steaks of this Pitmaster and honestly, I wasn't particularly impressed. The meat was delicious but not as good as everyone says.


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