New Weber Spirit II - is this normal?


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Hi everyone. Just got my first grill - a Weber Spirit II E-210. I've used it a couple times and noticed what I think are some weird noises:

Regulator @ 10 seconds
I was sent a new one and have just attached it. The noise remains. I have done a leak check and did could not find any.

Burner tubers @ 37 seconds, and @ 1:10
When I turn one (either one) of the burners off it sputters and does not appear to completely turn off. They also make a squeaking noise.

Are these things normal / safe? I've hooked and unhooked the propane tank, and let the gas clear but nothing changes. I have no idea where to go from here.



I watched the video. Thanks. It was awesome because without it I have no idea how someone would explain what is happening.

First things first.

I see nothing that is obviously unsafe, and it is not normal.

While the grill in the video seems to be so clean it may be new, I would need to know if it is new to figure out more.

If it is a new grill, I would turn the burners on full for about an hour and I would hope it cleaned out some manufacturing process issues. If not it will provide better insight into the root cause.

If it is an older grill (and based on the photos and model number is unlikely), I would say start with a detail cleaning and then follow the instructions above.