Mould in BBQ



I have a brand new one year old weber spitit. i have let it stay outside under a weber cover for one winter.. I just opened it up and say white mould fuz on half the grill and half the tub.. i lit it up and let burn for about about 30 mins.. most of it burned off then i cleaned it and burned again.. is it now safe to cook on?? do i need to do anything else??
please help..i want to bbq!


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I think you will be good to go after the burn off you did. After this experience a good cleanout before winter storage would be a good idea.
Couple of other things to think about.
Is your grill cover vented?
Once you complete grilling and turn gas off let the grill cool down with lid open. Helps prevent moisture build up in in grill box saving grill internals.
Clean grill on regular basis. Just about every sauce/marinate you utilize will have some form of acid in it. I use a paint scraper (plastic) to get the chunkies out. On my older Weber Genisis that slide out tray that hold the drip tray really gets gunked up.