Looking to buy a pellet smoker - HELP



HI All,
Newbie here.
I have a large BGE and a Brazilian Oil Drum BBQ (wood).
Fancy getting a pellet smoker - but the choices ae limited living in the UK.
Most of my first choices are USA only. Rec Tec, MAK 2 star general.
Traeger are available here - but dont have the best reviews..
Memphis Grill would also be a choice - but again - not easy to get here (need to go via Germany).
Thoughts please?
Want something big - going to cook Xmas dinner for 10 on it.
Needs to go 600F+ ideally - or have a direct option.
Wifi is desired.


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I have a MAK 2 Star and its rock solid. Prior to the MAK I had a Blaz'n Grid Iron. The Blaz'n was rock solid also and they ship worldwide. Price for shipping is unknown to me. BTW my SIL has the Blaz'n now and loves it.
If you go the Trager route I have seen more positive reviews on the Timberline series than their other offerings.
When I bought the MAK the other contender was the Memphis. I got to actually visit a Memphis dealer and that grill was great. It is more of a grill than smoker. After I told the dealer what I wanted it for off the record he told me I would be happier with the MAK. The controller on the MAK is considered the gold standard in the business.
Check out and compare Blaz'n before you rushout and buy something you may regret.


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Must admit, I have a weak spot for Traegers. It is pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it cooker, and the result is definitely BBQ. I can recommend you to have a look at Texas Elite - though I've been looking for a different one for myself, I also laid my eye on brother's Lil Tex and Elite is considered to be a bigger version of it (Lil Tex is for 2 to 6 people with 418 sq. in. and this one has 646 sq. in. cooking capacity). His feedback is quite positive, and as I got some samples of his BBQ I must admit it's way too good.
Won't say they don't have any issues, yet still they're quite easy to maintain and use. And I like this.

But. If you can afford it, go with MAK2. For me it might be an overkill, but from what I heard they're good, solid and extremely good built. A friend of mine got his MAK about three years ago, never had an issue and he says it looks like he'll never have to replace it.
Never cooked on one, but feedback is extremely good.
Like, it's a Mercedes comparing to the other smokers.