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I am a retired computer consultant with a long history of cooking dating back to my teens. I started cooking for my parents and myself when my mother re-entered the work force when I was thirteen.

In my high school years I was a restaurant dish washer, snack bar attendant and, finally, a breakfast cook in a 200 seat motel restaurant. These experiences convinced me that I had a love of cooking but no desire to enter the food service industry as an adult.

I have always been the primary cook of the family. We have planned and hosted fine wine and dinner parties, wine tasting parties and large (60+ guests) lawn parties. We are currently planning a dinner party for eight fully vaccinated people.

My current interests include wine, cocktails, sous vide, kamado cooking (smoke, grill and sear) and food preservation.

We have a extensive gardens growing everything from asparagus to winter squash. We recently installed a fruit orchard. We store, can and freeze our own produce