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How often do you cook over an open fire? I almost never do it; camping or holidays tend to be the only times, although eventually I want a fire pit so open fire cooking will be more frequent.


Only when we are camping but that is 2-3 times a week now that summer is here. Everything just seems to taste so much better over an open fire.


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I used to have a pit I would cook over about once a month, sometimes more though. Well I take that back, if you count roasting marshmallows the wife and kids used it a lot on the colder nights.


I try to do it at least once or twice a week. Nothing beat a barbecue over an open fire. We can chug a few beverages and talk about the good times we had. Good times and more to come.

Diane Lane

Rarely, but hopefully more in the future. Eventually, I would like to build a small to medium sized pit in the backyard. As @L_B said, everything seems to taste better when cooked over an open flame.
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In the spring through fall at least 2 or 3 times a week here on the plains. In Nebraska we get the FULL 4 seasons, but only the winter slows us down a little.

I have a great source for free firewood, a firepit and time to have fun. What more does one need.

One of my fantastic (I would say great but it would have a different meaning) departed uncles had a saying I live by, "If you are not having fun, don't do it. PERIOD!"

He was a vet from the second world war and Korea. He is missed, but never forgotten.