Hot dogs cook too quickly


What am I doing wrong? Each time we try to roast hot dogs on the open fire, the outside gets done too quickly. The inside isn't cooked all the way through and the skin is burnt. We cook them over the coals and over the fire.


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That wouldn't be a problem for me because I love a burnt hotdog. :D

Maybe you should hold them farther away from the direct source of heat. They may take longer but the outside wouldn't get black.


I like a black hot dog too so it wouldn't be a problem for me. BarbiQ has the right solution. Keep them further from the heat.
You need less heat. Wait until the fire dies down more before trying to cook the hot dogs. When we grill hot dogs, we always make them the last meat we grill. Then most of the heat is gone and you've got just enough to cook the dogs without burning them.


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Maybe you should cook them last when the fire isn't that hot. cook you main dishes because that usually takes the longest. The hot dogs will be thawed out by then. That could also be the problem. They are still frozen in the middle.


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I like mine well done too so the darker the better. They seem to taste so much better that way. I would say that everyone else is right with this one. Wait until the fire is not so hot or hold them farther away from the heat.