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Hi Ho from northern Wisco


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Just love to cook outside and have three main grills from smoke, gas to old 69 weber (angry red). Live in the woods and entertain allot thus grilling weekly all year long. Happy Holidays


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Tonight: Chicken (light smoke) Caesar Salad with Garlic dipping bread oil and balsamic
Xmas: Bone in Prime Rib rotisserie with rosemary baby reds, glazed green beans.
Saturday: Smoked Bone In Ham with app Smoked Salmon and verity of cheeses
Sunday: is most likely left over night depending if there are any?? With cold temps smoking is double duty since i dont have a pellet unit.
Love to eat thus love to cook.


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Sounds like you will be eating well. Understand what you mean about the pesky weather in the north. Used to live in NH.
Myself this year going low key on cooking. Just doing a beef rib roast for Christmas. Have shoulder surgery scheduled Monday so will be sidelined for a couple of weeks.
Enjoy the Holidays and stay safe!!!