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Hey everyone


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I'm new to the group....so here's my ole introduction. I got into grilling because my neighbor claimed that no one could smoke ribs better than him. He moved 3 months after I got my first smoker and I've been smoking ever since. I am also a blogger, beer homebrewer and i've been know to fix a computer network or two. Looking forward to being here. .


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I'm using a Kamado joe. I've been through a electric smoker, a weber smokey mountain and now i'm good for life with the Kamado joe461


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I've been cooking on Kamado's since the 70's. Still have my Kikuya Hibatchi Pof aling with a couple of BGE's and a Primo XL. I enjoy the simplicity of Kamado's.
I play around with an original PK and a Hasty Bake Gourmet.
Looks like your cooking in the picture.