Hоw dо yоu сооk thе "pеrfесt" burgеr?



Tо mе thе pеrfесt burgеr is tеndеr yеt hаs а сrust оn thе оutsidе аnd is juiсy оn thе insidе. It hаsn't bееn оvеrwоrkеd аnd dоеsn't hаvе еggs, liquids еtс. Thаt's nоt wrоng. I dо it, but еvеn whеn I dоn't , burgеrs mоstly соmе оut mеаly оr mеаtlоаf-y. I flip оnсе sаlt оutsidе.


Yeah, it's rare to cook just burgers, but usually I add a few to the menu.


There are thousands of websites and YouTube videos telling you the same basic things about how to make a great burger.

It is not hard.

Here is just one to use as a starting point: https://www.simplyrecipes.com/recipes/how_to_grill_the_best_burgers/

Making a "perfect" burger is a MUCH more difficult question because we all have our opinions about how we determine the burger to be "perfect".

I for example would identify the following ingredients (no cooking methods included) to be in MY perfect burger:
- 1/2 pound Wagyu beef (two patties from a friend of mine)
- olive oil
- Black Truffle Salt
- "Fresh" ground pepper
- freshly harvested jalapeno peppers from our garden
- sour cream right from the farm down the road
- our home grown heirloom tomatoes
- our sliced red onions
- cheese from my buddies farm
- homemade catsup
- brown mustard
- my wife's homemade and toasted buns

In other words, the more fresh and knowing what it took to make your food, the more great your food will be to you. It is subjective.