Grilled sausage, zucchini and tomato soup



Have you ever tried anything like this? My family loves soup and we love to grill so I tried some new things. This is what I found:

Use extra ripe tomatoes and cut them in half. Brush them with olive oil and then toss them on the grill.
Grill up potatoes - cut them in quarters and brush with oil and place in tin foil.
Grill zucchini - pretty much the same way as potatoes.
Grill sausage - do it how you normally do it.
You can grill all of these things for dinner but do extra for your soup.

Toss all of these things in a large kettle and let it cook. Of course you can add extra things to the soup but this is a great start.


Great idea. I've never thought to pre-grill the ingredients you would normally put into a soup, but I'll bet it gives the soup a very distinct flavor.


This sounds delicious, especially if you are looking to cut back on your carbs (well, sans potatoes I guess, but perhaps you could use something like celery root instead).

I noticed you didn't mention anything about a broth or other liquid to make it all into a soup. Do you typically add chicken broth to the kettle along with the grilled ingredients?

Also, I was kind of curious why you would wrap the zucchini in foil to cook instead of putting it directly on the grill to get grill marks.