Grill and baskets for large batches


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Hello all. We are buying a new grill, the Weber Spirit II E-310, and our usage is primarily grilling chicken breast or beef kababs in large batches, that we freeze and consume over a month. We don't entertain, except maybe once a year, so the kind of grilling of a whole meal is less important. Then again, we didn't like our previous grill so maybe a nicer one will encourage us to use it more casually.

My wife settled on flipping baskets, and we found these: that are vertical, and should be able to fit side by side on the Spirit. Most baskets are horizontal, but larger grills become very expensive so we are hoping these will work.

What are some efficient ways of grilling in batches?


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Have you thought about or have interest in eventually getting a rotisserie for your grill then adding a rotisserie basket to cook your goodies in or finding a cheap rotisserie wheel to do kababs on.
Seen some folks also purchase a ribolator to go along with their rotisserie to cook multiple different items on the ribolator trays.