Cast Iron Fried chicken with maple


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I was planning on chicken fried chicken the usual way, a flattened breast, dipped in egg and then bread crumbs, but I was out of eggs. I had some maple syrup and I thought it would make the chicken sticky enough for the crumbs to stay on while frying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I lightly dipped the flattened chicken breast in corn starch, then into some maple syrup, then into the bread crumbs. I fried it until it was done and golden in color.

It came out pretty tasty. I don't think it would be good with gravy but it made for a really nice sandwich. The maple did tend to make the breading a little tough, so if I try this again, I won't cook it as long.


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Interesting! I never would have thought of trying to do this myself, but it sounds very unique. People in the South eat chicken and waffles all of the time, maybe you could invent chicken that is breaded with a waffle like breading!


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Oh, that sounds good. Did you try those Lay's chips? The chicken and waffle ones that came out earlier this year with that contest? I did. They were actually a lot better than they sound. :D


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I'm keen to give this a shot, probably with a chicken stock jello with cracked pepper in it.
It would be something id have to make home alone otherwise no one would eat it.