First device to buy for terrace + garden BBQ


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Hello everybody,

i'm new in the forum, after the last use with an electrical griller i've decide it's time to change device with to somenthing more serious. I'm totally new in this and my first doubt is abot what equipment to buy for my scenario. I premise that i'm going with gas bbq.

I live in a private house with 4 floors, one of which is a basement. In i live in the fourth floor and I have a large terrace of about 3 meters per 4,5 meters. The house is sorrounded also by a large garden.

the first purchase I would make for the terrace: my purpose here is to grill for about 3-4 persons mostly direct cooking (just some steak or chicken breast), bust i would also like to be able to cook somenthing in indirect, smoking would be a plus but not a need. After this i will evaluete a different device for the garden, to use in case there are many guest at lunch or for harder cooking.

What do you think about this "plan"? Do you have any suggestion? Maybe there are also some device that in your experience could be shared between terrace and garden?

By reading the online documentation my choise concern these two device:
- Weber go anywhere GAS
PRO: brand and material CONS: stell grate and little cooking area, only 1 burner for indirect
- Jamestown Brazton
PRO: 2 burner, 1 burner for smooking, cast iron grate, larger cooking area. CONS: poor material quality, not a lot review for this device

Budget is about 150€ - 180€ (160 - 210 $). As first buy i don't want to go overboard with shopping.
Do you have any suggestion about these two device? Does anyone have ever tried the second one? I am also open to different proposal in terms of device

Thanks in advance

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