Cast Iron grill pan



Yeah, I'm still interested in why it is placed upside down. Most overs are convection heat, so it shouldn't matter which orientation the pan has, no?

Exactly, I have a fan oven, the heat is equally distributed around the oven. I can't think why I would need to place it upside down to season it.

I cooked lamb shoulder in the oven on Sunday, I thought it would be a good time to season my new cast iron pan, it done the trick.


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From my understanding you put it upside down so that the oil does not pool or collect in one spot. When the oil pools you do not get the desired 'carbonization' on the cook surface. That area will not be seasoned well and will come loose when in use.


I want one of these. Our friend invited us over for steaks, and she just threw on the grill pan, added the steaks, and served them up pronto. Even though it was raining outside, we had great grilled steaks with beautiful char marks. I'm going shopping soon.


Mywife has 2 and he wouldn't trade them for anything. They do last forever and can be used to make numerous things. My husband seasons his on his own instead of buying them pre seasoned. He never washes it either, just wipes everything off of it with a clean kitchen rag until the pan is fully wiped out and stores it back in the oven.

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I recently got one that my dad used to use from my mom.. tried it a few times and now I'm hooked... nothing cooks like it... I got rid of all my old frying pans and bought cast iron... even a reversible grill and 2 Dutch ovens.. one 5 quart and one 12 quart... and my 4 year old daughter thinks it makes the best grilled cheese too...