Buying Built in Propane Grill 36+ Inches


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I am in the begining phases of designing my outdoor kitchen and have been browsing the web looking at different built in gas grills. I know i want something that is at least 36 inches wide with 3+ burners. I would also like a separate built-in gas burner to go with it. I have been looking at Blaze, Napoleon and and others in that price range but not sure about build quality and others I may not have heard of.

On my gas grill I mostly cook burgers, Veggies, kabobs, fish, wings, chicken, steak etc... anything that can be cooked quick. I already have a Big Green Egg for charcoal and smoking which I use for longer cooks like ribs, brisket, pork butt etc.

Looking for a good grill that is reliable. I also live in Virginia and it will need to stand up to lots of rain and the cold.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


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I have posted this link in the past. It’s a different perspective on buying a grill. It’s from a grill seller who sells multiple brands but from a Repair Viewpoint. I never bought anything from in fact I live on the opposite coast.
I did put an AOG in my outdoor kitchen. Cheaper sister of the Firemagic line. Both grills made in USA by RH Petersen.


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BTW I also live in Va and have multiple eggs and a primo hanging around. I live in the Tidewater area.