Broil King gas to propane conversion?


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Hi can I convert a Broil King 320 signet from natural gas to propane? How can it be done if possible?



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This is what Broil King want to sell me. I"m sure I could use the hose off my old propane BBQ. They won't sell me just the orifice due to safety reasons. If only I knew the orifice size to buy. Or If I could take the ones out of my old propane bbq.

CONTROL ASSEMBLY: 10444-E30 $56.49

HOSE: 10114-20 $23.25


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- This is going to be long near with me.
You have the noun name of your grill. Google Appliance Factory Grill Parts. Once there search the Broil King section. They sell orifices drilled to the correct size. You may need a model number in addition to noun name of your grill.
Additionally there are other peeps on the web who sell pre drilled orifices so once you find the proper size shop around. Don’t forget your local Johnstone supply also. If you go that route walk in with your NG orifice in hand too endure you get the right style/profile orifice.
  • Concerning what Jason posted. Your grill which I am not familiar with may require that inline regulator in addition to the regulator you attach to the LP cylinder. I have an American Outdoor Grill (AOG) that has an in-line regulator and requires the the hose and regulator you typically see hooked to an LP cylinder. Yes you do need to ensure the plunger is in the correct position. You might check to see if you already have the inline regulator.
  • AOG sells you when you buy the grill both sets of orifices to shift between LP or NG. With a whole page and big a$$ warning too ensure plunger of the inline regulator is in proper position.


I am sure you already figured some things out about your specific situation, but thought this may add a little to the conversation for others.

Natural Gas and Propane both burn, but at different temps for let's say similar results.

Converting from one to the other is as simple as getting a part that puts out the fuel at the correct rate. The tough part of this is getting parts made and fit with the connectors.

Back in the 1970's my dad converted an old pickup to run off of natural gas. We made a compressor that took gas from the house to fill the tank at really low costs. He didn't do it to screw the Government, but just another experiment to teach his kids about science and math. We did the math; he demonstrated the science. The truck lasted a long time and then he got tired of the experiment and we learned to make a still to learn to replicate the taste of Jack Danielle's at higher alcohol levels. But that is a whole different story.