Beer can chicken first time.


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The chicken looks great and thats a good thing about ole smokey grills tehy are tall enough to do this in. here's a tip from an ole hand at this. When doing it on a charcoal grill like ole smokey put your can/holder in an aluminum pie pan and poor some beer in teh pan. This rolls teh heat around and prevents teh legs from over cooking by the time the breast is done. The steam from the pan also adds to the juicy factor. you can put other stuff in the pan too.


That looks like a plump bird so your stand must be a decent one to hold it up without toppling. That was the problem we had when we made beer can chicken just using a can without a stand. :D


First time making beer can chicken. It turned out great.View attachment 243View attachment 244

I must say that chicken you have seasoned looks so tasty.

I would like to know how good it tasted if you don't mind. This makes me wonder if it is safe to have the imprints of the beer can melting away inside the chicken.

Did you have any problems when you took the can out? Was there any residue from the can markings? I'm just wondering because this could be helpful to others aswell.

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I've always been so curious as to what kind of flavoring this adds to the chicken. And as the previous poster said, this doesn't cause any can residue or print to rub off on the chicken? I wish I had the grill needed to go out and try this. Guess I should start dropping hints for the holidays! :)