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    Hoboken Eddies Raspberry Honey Mustard Sauce

    Stumbled upon this at a local seafood store. Picked up a bottle of it and used it on some grilled pork chops. All I can say is "Lip Smackin" good.
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    St Louis Spare Ribs

    The local store was practically giving them away so I picked up 4 Racks. Got them home fired up the BGE. Smoked them at 225° for almost 6 hours with pecan wood. My neighbors, myself and wife put a hurtin on them. For any Cetamic folks out their this is my first cook since replacing the gasket. I...
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    So What Did Everyone Cook Over Memorial Day

    We just grilled some ribs. I was too lazy to break out the smoker. Will be stepping aside from cooking for a couple of weeks. Have knee surgery (MCL, PCL and meniscus) scheduled early tomorrow morning. So will turn over the cooking duties to the Mrs. Sure is a crummy way to get out of doing...
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    Potato Bombs

    Watched this video and did them on the grill last night. Loaded them up with a mix of veggies, meat and cheese. Came out pretty darn good. Very easy to do. Hardest thing was finding an apple corer. Only thing not covered in video but is...
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    Dutch Oven Gathering aka "DOG"

    Have any of you ever been to one of these? At the CG I snowbird in a couple from TX put on the 1st DOG at the campground about 4 years ago and its kind of become a tradition. Yowza some very good food and not a soul goes away hungry.
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    Grilled My Spin On Outbacks Alice Springs Chicken

    I posted this on another forum in a thread where I compared a Holland Grill to a Phoenix Grill and then copied it and pasted it here. **Please note all times and temperatures are for those two types of grills** I have yet to try it on a more traditional gasser, however a good friend of mine...
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    Shade Tree Griller & Smoker From Va Beach

    Retired Navy love to grill & smoke. Glad I stumbled across this site. Lots of good info exchanged and hopefully I can contribute. Gas Grills I have are Holland, Phoenix, AOG, and Weber Charcoal Grills include a PK & Weber Kettle Smokers include a Southern Yankee Rotis cooker, BGE's and a...