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    In the hunt for a new toy...

    Will say the kettle is a strong choice for your charcoal fix. What are you looking at for a gasser. The gas world now offers a bunch of good options other than weber who once dominated the market at about every key price point up to 2k.
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    Noob again

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    In the hunt for a new toy...

    I cook on a couple of Kamado's, a gasser and kettle and recently picked up a very gently used Hastybake Gourmet that is awesome. I have heard really good things about Rec-Tec pellet grills.
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    Weber on Sale - Good Deal?

    I have a 1997 Weber Genesis that looks as good as the day I brought it home. So I would jump on eat with the caveat that it is a NG grill which then would allow you to hook up to your line. Sign up for your ACE rewards before purchase to get your points etc.
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    I think you should get a local gas tech out. He will break out his manometer and test the water column. Me I am pretty handy but my Navy ORM training that I sum up in one question "Will it hurt" unfortunately I answer yes because if I screw up puts the family at risk. So I would defer to the...
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    Do not flush it out with water. I suspect your issue is at the gas supply from your house. I do not know how to measure that. I would call a gas appliance repair guy. He would have the equipment to measure the gas pressure and the knowledge to adjust the pressure to your outlet. I commend you on...
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    Should have read further down. Nice grill. Have heard good things about the Ironwood linr from Traeger.
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    When you found this grill did it have the gas supply hose installed? Normally the gas supply to your NG grill is regulated from your house gas supply line. When you mentioned regulator was wondering if by accident you purchased an LP hose and regulator and installed that. If you can find the...
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    New Member

    Welcome aboard. What are you cooking on?
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    Old guy to learn new tricks and get answers to scratch the BBQ itches I have under the saddle.

    I don’t think so. I have all types of cookers: smoker/ceramics/gassers/charcoal grills. All my grills have their +/-‘s. I too am getting old. I’m retired and there sure are a bunch of nice folks here. Wade on in and join the conversation.
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    Seriously need help! Can't find this part ANYWHERE!

    I have had great luck buying the "unfindable" part. If you new the actual model number it would really help. The manufacturer may have made that exact grill for multiple companies. They would take your model number then cross reference to find a fit. I sure hope they find it for you.
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    Seriously need help! Can't find this part ANYWHERE!

    Try the appliance factory. I was just out on their site under chargriller the 2137 ash pan is 35" IAW Laura customer service rep.
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    Recommendations on a Pellet Grill/Smoker

    Forgot to mention the price of the MAK includes shipping.