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    How do I get an avatar?

    How do I get an avatar?
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    Who likes to deep fry a turkey ( & parts)?

    One of my brothers taught me how to do this several years ago, I've loved it ever since! Only thing is that a whole turkey is too much, since it is only me. I'm thinking about doing just the parts of a turkey. Has anyone done it this way before?
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    Deep Fried Turkey

    I love deep fried turkey, but it's only me, so I just fry the pieces to avoid doing a whole doing a whole turkey. :)
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    Hi! I'm KevinBludso. I love to barbecue!

    As kids, we love to cook out. We would get together in the back yard & throw down during the summer whenever we felt like it. Everyone in the building would join us & and a good ole time!! You name it, we had it! Now ALL of my siblings like to cook out. I'll be stopping by now & to check things...