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    Looking to buy a pellet smoker - HELP

    Must admit, I have a weak spot for Traegers. It is pretty much a set-it-and-forget-it cooker, and the result is definitely BBQ. I can recommend you to have a look at Texas Elite - though I've been looking for a different one for myself, I also laid my eye on brother's Lil Tex and Elite is...
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    Choosing a smoker thermometer

    I have a different model - Maverick et732 - and sometimes when I sit in the house (about 40 ft.) it loses connection so I have to resync it. Other then that it's a good product as it's running smoothly.
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    Portable grill for rv

    Thanks for your fast reply, @tiewunon! Well, I was not thinking about possible issues with dampness. Still, we have quite good air conditioning in our RV + relative humidity (no extra dampness, no mold issues - so far so good!). So I believe that won't be a problem as they won't be stored...
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    Portable grill for rv

    Greetings, geeks! Recently I've been thinking of a small pellet grill for the ease of cooking while we are on the road. I did my research, and from what I found, it seems like a Traeger is a pure winner here (just random quotes I found on RV forums I read as a proof). ...etc, you get the...
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    Want to buy my first grill, need help deciding

    I have a 5 year old Weber Genesis, I rarely maintain it, haven't had to replace anything and it looks great. So it's probably the best solution, especially since you're a beginner! If I were you, I would get a Genesis II 315. 3 burners, no side burner, grill cabinet. Avoid stainless steel...
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    why dо pеоplе сооk fооd еvеn if thеy dоn't hаvе fаmily?

    Because it's cheaper. Because it makes your life better. Because it's way too healthier. Sometimes it's a necessity, sometimes - personal preferences or a hobby.
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    Phillips smokless grill

    No personal feedback, sorry, though I got one of these for my daughter to use in her condo. And she loves it for steaks and seafood.
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    What do you love about grilling?

    Personally, my favorite aspect of BBQ is taking an inexpensive cut of meat and making it into something that everyone can't get enough of. Spares, pork shoulder, beef chuck, meatloaf, chicken (whole, thighs, drummies, leg quarters, wings), turkey, venison etc... You kinda create magic with...
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    Arе burgеrs bеttеr оn аn оutsidе grill thаn in а skillеt?

    Guys, are you making your own burgers or frozen bought ones? I love burgers cooked over the coals, but... I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer a burger cooked on a flat top. There's some kind of magic that happens when a burger is frying in its own fat and juices.